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Untitled (Free Production of Meaning), 2010

Video, color, sound, 8’30’’

This work documents the destruction of the Archive: Drag Models’ exhibition copies after being showed as part of the Bucharest Biennale 4. The video evidences some implicit contradictions in current contemporary art production and exhibition processes. Due to high costs of artwork transportation, the photographs of this project were re-produced in Bucharest for their exhibition; but, once the Biennale had ended, the transport of these copies back to Spain was unviable, which led to the decision to destroy them. We asked the Biennale team to document the action of destruction, and two members of the team, their backs to the camera, proceeded to destroy the archive.

Untitled (Free Production of Meaning)

Untitled (Free Production of Meaning), 2010
Video stills


Untitled (Free Production of Meaning), 2010
Installation view at CAAM, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria


Archive: Drag Models, 2007 and Untitled (Free Production of Meaning), 2010
Installation view at Galería Joan Prats, Barcelona

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