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Locura Social (Agustina González López), 2019
Collective performance/Action

As part of the project Locura Social (Agustina González López), a collaborative performance was activated in April 2019 at Centro José Guerrero in Granada. During this collective performance-karaoke, the banners and flags of "Locura Social" (Social Madness) were waved around the spaces of the art center and also all about its surrounding areas.
Agustina González López (La Zapatera) was executed in Granada on the same days that Federico García Lorca, and she was forgotten after. It is her that defined as "Social madness" the prosecution and mockery she suffered due to her difference.
In April 2019, in collaboration with the Faculty of Fine Arts of Granada University and the Art Center José Guerrero we developed the project Ai ke ablar de la kuestion. Drag y fiesta y revolución. The project was presented in the context of Bastard Scene, a Seminar about expanded performance, and its title was inspired by the Idearium futurismo, a book published by Agustina González López in 1916. An excluded author for decades, her avant-garde prominent role has been recently recovered by Granadan researchers. González López was medicalised for dressing as a man in public and executed for intellectually and politically confronting a value system that made her feel imprisoned in life.
Ai ke ablar d la kuestion respects the orthographical proposal this artist defended, and it was created as a project to circulate the spaces of gender dissent, considering them as potential spaces for political activation. In this sense, the work reclaims the festive tradition of drag practices, their revolutionary frame and transforming power. The celebration as a place for catharsis and consciousness raising, as a meeting place through which to share affects and to escape the isolation caused by stigmatization and prosecution.

Participants: Alicia Arias-Camisón Coello, Cristina Beltrán, Oihana Cordero, Patricia Crespo, Daniel Galán, Rosalba García, Lina Gomariz, Francisco Ladrón de Guevara, Belén Massó, Miguel Ángel Melgares y Manuel Senén Ruiz.

Locura Social (Agustina González López)_ Karaoke

Locura Social (Agustina González López)_ Banner/Flag


Locura Social (Agustina González López)_ Karaoke


LAi ke ablar d la Kuestion_ Flyer

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